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Project Implementation and Roles and Responsibilities

S.N. Project Implementation Organizations Management Roles and Responsibilities
1. Project Coordination Committee (PCC)
  • Provides guidance and policy level support to the project.
  • Monitors and reviews project performance at an inter-ministerial level and discusses on key policy related issues.
  • Ensures collaborations among central level agencies.
2. Department of Water Supply and Sewerage (DWSS)
  • Establishes/ strengthens existing Project Management Office (PMO), and establishes Institutional Support and Service Advisory Unit (ISSAU) and two regional PMOs (RPMOs).
  • Deputes adequate staff in PMO, ISSAU, and RPMOs.
  • Signs Management Agreement with WUAs/ local bodies.
  • Allocates adequate budget to PMO.
  • Regulates WUAs and provides them with full technical, financial and institutional support.
  • Selects subprojects based upon the agreed subproject selection criteria for the project.
3. Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Is responsible for overall project management, implementation and monitoring.
  • Coordinates with ADB and other agencies at central level for smooth project implementation
  • Monitors and ensures the compliance of covenants, including submission of consolidated audited project financial statements
  • Recruits regional design, supervision and management support consultant, consultants for PMO and for ISSAU, and procures equipment and vehicles for the Project.
  • Finalizes feasibility studies, detailed designs, tender documents prepared under the Project.
  • Ensures integration of environmental and social safeguards, including land acquisition and gender aspects, as required in all documents particularly in tender documents.
  • Updates procurement plan and monitors the procurement process.
  • Guides, supports and monitors RPMOs in implementing town projects.
  • Communicates with ADB, maintains project documents, and submits timely reports, as outlined in PAM, to ADB by consolidating inputs from RPMOs, WUAs and TDF.
  • Consolidates accounts and submits withdrawal applications to ADB for reimbursement.
  • Manages project account for Government funds and imprest account for ADB loan
  • Submits all audited project financial statements and financial statements
4. Regional Project Management Office (RPMO) Eastern (Itahari, Sunsari) and Western Region (Nepalgunj, Banke) (For each of its concerned regions)

  • Manages and implements the project at the town levels
  • Ensures coordination with concerned local bodies, Water Supply and Sanitation Division Offices (WSSDOs), TDF and WUAs for all matters related to the project implementation.
  • Ensures WUAs’ community contribution and assists and monitors WUAs maintaining separate accounts for community contribution.
  • Supervises and monitors each of the regional Design, Supervision, and Management Consultant (DSMCs) based at the respective RPMOs
  • Makes payments for activities performed under the scope of the Project and conducts public audits.
  • Implements and monitors resettlement plans, GESI Action Plan and IEEs for the subprojects in each town and prepares consolidated reports on these.
  • Prepares progress reports, as outlined in PAM for the towns under the RPMO, and submits to PMO.
5. Local bodies
  • Include/ agree to include the subproject in their planning either directly or through the concerned district Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) coordination committee (CC), with an endorsement from the concerned village WASH CC (VWASH CC) or municipality WASH CC (MWASH CC), and submit subproject application to DWSS.
6. Local- level WASH (DWASH/ MWASH/VWASH) Coordination Committee (CC)
  • Support project implementation and review performance as the town-level CC for the project.
  • Facilitate to resolve project implementation issues that require inter-agencies collaboration and grievance redress
7. Town Development Fund (TDF)
  • Signs subsidiary loan agreement with Ministry of Finance (MoF).
  • Provides loan to the WUAs or local bodies if considered financially feasible, collects repayment from WUAs and pays back to MoF.
  • Provides tariff setting, financial management and capacity building support to the WUAs or local bodies.
  • Signs Subproject Financing Agreements with WUAs or local bodies.
  • Manages institutional development and implementation support consultants
8. ADB
  • Conducts field review missions, midterm review mission and project completion review missions to assess project implementation progress and compliance of loan covenants.
  • Reviews PMO’s submissions for procurement of goods, civil works and services and provides comments and no objection on the submissions.
  • Checks statement of expenditure, and disburses the loan funds as agreed in Loan Agreement. Administers loan by OFID.